Jeonse VS Wolse

Updated: Jan 31

You got all the basic concepts of Jeonse and Wolse. But if you still don't know which plan fits you better, this is the post that can help you make up your mind.




- No other payments needed other than maintenance fees

- The deposit will be refunded fully

- Stable housing plan (at least 2 years of contract)

- When calculated, it is usually 1/3~1/2 cheaper than Wolse

- Simple and easy plan for short term visitors

- Relatively small amount of capital is needed to start with

- Usually comes with home appliances and they are taken care by the landlord


​- Need to prepare your own household appliances

- Risk of losing the deposit

- Need big amount of capital at first

- Actual monthly fee can be way expensive than Jeonse when calculated (1.5~2x)

- The landlord might ask for other collaborative maintenance fees, which will cost extra

Can we mix them up?

Yes, you can. Perhaps you are planning to stay for a short period but Wolse seems to cause too much of an expenditure. You even have more money to put down as a deposit. Than Banjeonse might me the fit plan for you. 'Ban' means half, so literally it means 'half Jeonse' and 'half Wolse.' You can offer the landlord more deposit, and accordingly you might be able to cut down the monthly payment. Of course, the deposit will come back to you when the contract is over. There are certain rules and rates to convert the numbers from Jeonse to Wolse, but the interest rate varies accordingly to locations and period. (You can easily convert from Naver calculator.)

While this seems like a perfect plan to you, you might not be successful in finding one. The objective of landlords who chose either Jeonse to Wolse is totally different. Most of the time, Wolse owners seek for stable monthly income. Since the base deposit is already very small they can't rely on the income from bank interests. They are also usually without debts. So there is no motivation for them to cut off the monthly rent fee and receive a deposit that are of no use to them. This is where the negotiation takes place. And it is always worth trying than none.

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