This Is Our Story


While looking for my own house, I decided to take further step by studying real-estate to better understand the negotiation process and the market. After becoming a national certified real-estate agent, I didn't open up an agency for I thought there were plenty of people who are qualified to do the job.
But then it all started when I received a helpless message from a foreign friend who lives in Korea. She desperately needed help with communicating with the landlord and was also looking for another place to stay.
As a Korean Culture Ambassador coordinator who deals with over 3000 people world-wide, these issues mattered to me. Providing expert advice in English based on trust was one thing I was sure to be good at. 

Since then, helping foreigners find their home-sweet-home in Korea and standing beside them with professional knowledge became something I would like to devote for.

REA Certificatation NO | Seoul 11-2021-01850